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Smart Meters, Smart Rates

August 30, 2012

Now in pursuit of his PhD at the University of Maryland, Casey Wichman wrote the report referenced below as an Environmental Economics Analyst with the Environmental Finance Center. Water utilities in the Southeast are increasingly considering the adoption of “smart” … Read more

Pricing and Revenues: A Challenging Relationship

August 23, 2012

Jeff Hughes is the Director of the Environmental Finance Center and the Principal Investigator for the Water Research Foundation project mentioned in the post. A recent report estimated that water utilities across the country will need $1,000,000,000,000 (count the zeros…) … Read more

The Success Story of One Water Utility’s Financial Policies

August 1, 2012

Guest author Peiffer Brandt is Chief Operating Officer at Raftelis Financial Consultants. “With our concerted conservation efforts, our focus on local water supply development, and the recession . . . we’re selling a lot less water than we originally anticipated,” said … Read more