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The Secret to Paying for Environmental Programs

February 25, 2014

Beginning around this time every year, I start to come across annual reports summarizing governmental, non-profit, and other organizations’ progress in different environmental and financial pursuits. Some annual reports are all about finance, some are more about the environment, and … Read more

$napshot: Debt Service as Percent of Total Operating Revenues

February 17, 2014

Last Thursday, while we were presenting one of two Water Research Foundation webinars (view recordings of the webcasts for free) on the financial strategies that water utilities have or can employ to improve revenue resiliency against changing financial trends, a … Read more

Release of Revenue Resiliency Review for Water Utilities

February 11, 2014

Mary Tiger is the Chief Operating Officer of the Environmental Finance Center at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The water industry, just like any other, suffers from a variety of financial constraints and challenges. Over the last decade … Read more