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Three Applied Lessons from the 2017 Appalachian Energy Summit

July 25, 2017

The Appalachian Energy Summit, held in mid-July in Boone, North Carolina, had the 2017 theme, “Perspectives: Policy & Practice.” This theme highlighted the interdisciplinary approach necessary for the successful deployment of efficient and sustainable energy. Three topics from the summit—education, … Read more

Using Utility-Level Data to Study the Affordability of Water Rates

June 19, 2017

The affordability of water and wastewater rates is an issue attracting more attention than ever. In particular, “A Burgeoning Crisis? A Nationwide Assessment of the Geography of Water Affordability in United States”—a recent paper from Michigan State University— has generated … Read more

The State of Stormwater Fees in North Carolina

April 27, 2017

What is the average household stormwater fee in North Carolina? This is a harder question to answer than you might assume. User fees for stormwater management are influenced by many factors, including a utility’s service population, the importance of managing stormwater … Read more

Conserving Water through Smart Growth and Density

April 18, 2017

Smart Growth programs—developing urban areas with a variety of building types and land uses in a concentrated space—are touted for their potential to spur economic development through the creation of more attractive, environmentally sustainable, and walkable communities. One underlying theme … Read more

A Whole New World – of Stormwater!

March 21, 2017

Many of you know us for our Financial Sustainability and Rates Dashboards, but you may not know that these are not just limited to water and wastewater rates: there’s also stormwater! In recent years stormwater has perhaps not received the … Read more