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Capital Planning Resources For Water And Wastewater Utilities

February 18, 2022

This project, funded by the Public Water Supply Section of NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources, brings together many resources focused on capital planning for drinking water and wastewater utilities. Capital planning often leads to the creation of a Capital Improvement Plan … Continued

Arizona Water And Wastewater Rates Dashboard

January 24, 2022

This dashboard is designed to assist utility managers and local officials with benchmarking residential water and wastewater rates against multiple attributes, including utility finances, system characteristics, customer base socioeconomic conditions, and geography. This resource for utilities in Arizona is funded … Continued

Arizona Water And Wastewater Rates Information

January 24, 2022

Since 2014, the EFC has surveyed nearly all of the rate-charging water and wastewater utilities in Arizona. Utilities are invited to provide their current water and wastewater rates. The EFC compiles the rates data with information on utilities’ key financial … Continued

Outside Rates: Why Are They Higher?

December 9, 2021

Water and sewer utilities have a responsibility to develop a system to serve all customers within their jurisdictional boundaries, but outside customers live outside that political jurisdiction. There is a lot of discourse concerning the justification of charging higher prices … Continued