About the Environmental Finance Center at UNC

About the Environmental Finance Center at UNC

The Environmental Finance Center at the University of North Carolina reaches local communities through the delivery of interactive applied training programs and technical assistance. The EFC at UNC sees one of its major roles as increasing the capacity of other organizations to address the financial aspects of environmental protection and service delivery. For this reason and to support the leveraging of resources, the EFC does most of its training in a collaborative manner – partnering with established organizations that have environmental but not necessarily financial expertise. In addition to direct community outreach, the EFC works with decision makers to assess the effectiveness of environmental finance policies at a regional or state level, and to improve those policies as a way of supporting local efforts.


Our Mission

The EFC at UNC is dedicated to enhancing the ability of governments and other organizations to provide environmental programs and services in fair, effective, and financially sustainable ways.


Our Staff and Collaborators

The EFC at UNC is a motivated interdisciplinary group that works collaboratively with partners within and outside of the University.



Our Strategic Goals 

Water and Wastewater: Reduce the environmental impact of water provision and waste disposal and assure community access to safe water.

Clean Energy: Reduce the environmental impact of energy production and use.

Wetlands, Watersheds, and Stormwater: Protect and improve surface waters and minimize the environmental impacts associated with rain events on the built environment.

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