Financing for the Future – Financial Longevity for Municipal Operations

Thursday, February 16, 2017
Host Organization: 
Environmental Finance Center Network
Chapel Hill, NC 27599
United States

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Presenter: Shadi Eskaf, Senior Project Director of the EFC at UNC.

Price: Free.

Intended Audience: These webinars are designed for water systems serving 10,000 or fewer people. Owners of privately owned systems, consultants and technical assistance providers serving small water systems are also invited to participate.This webinar is most appropriate for individuals who make financial and managerial decisions on behalf of their water systems such as managers, budget and finance officers, clerks, and governing board members.

About the Webinar: Rate setting, financial management, and department budgeting are vital components to ensuring financial longevity for municipal operations. With increasing demand on utilities, expanding or declining populations, and the need for future infrastructure repair, it is necessary to look beyond the sort term financial planning and look towards financing for the future. This webinar covered: tracking and benchmarking past financial performance, projecting future capital costs, and resources available to water systems to assist in creating financial plans for the short term and long term.

This webinar was one of a series of webinars and training events hosted by the Environmental Finance Center Network as part of the Smart Management for Small Water Systems project, under a cooperative agreement with the US EPA. 

View a recording of the webinar.  


Thursday, February 16, 2017