Stormwater Utility Financing

Friday, February 10, 2017
Host Organization: 
Georgia Association of Water Professionals
Marietta, GA
United States

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This presentation provided an overview of the 2016 Georgia Stormwater Survey. Funded by the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority (GEFA), the Environmental Finance Center (EFC) conducted this research to assist local governments in developing and managing stormwater utilities across the state. Participants learned how to use the use the free, interactive, computer-based Stormwater Dashboard that allows users to compare fees among utilities according to multiple factors including geographic region, MS4 Permit type, river basin, 50-mile radius, and median household income. During the presentation, participants learned how Georgia‚Äôs stormwater utilities are structured. There was a focus on how utility fees are designed, the method used for billing, as well as other financial management aspects of running a stormwater utility.

(To view results of the previous (2012) Georgia Stormwater Survey, visit the Rates Dashboard at:

Friday, February 10, 2017