Utah | Rates and Finance Workshop for Small Water Systems

Thursday, September 21, 2017

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This workshop helped ensure the financial stability of attendee's water systems while providing safe, quality drinking water at fair rates. Topics included all aspects of financial management and planning of a water system fund including rates and rate setting, controlling costs, planning for capital expenses, accessing external funding, tracking and benchmarking financial performance, and other Enterprise Fund issues that small water systems face.

Attendees learned how to: 1. Assess and monitor financial performance; 2. Design appropriate rate structures and set fair rates that cover costs; 3. Plan to fund future capital costs; 4. Locate external funding sources (loans and grants).

This workshop was designed for local government drinking water system managers, clerks, treasurers, elected officials, and others who budget and/or set rates.

This workshop has been submitted to the state for CEUs.

Trainer: Stacey Isaac Berahzer, Senior Project Director – The Environmental Finance Center at The University of North Carolina

Contact: Allison Perch, perch@sog.unc.edu


Thursday, September 21, 2017