WEBINAR | Authority to Charge Water System Development Fees/Impact Fees

Thursday, August 17, 2017
10:30 AM

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UNC School of Government faculty Kara Millonzi and EFC Director Jeff Hughes presented a webinar to address the repercussions of recent legislation (NC House Bill 436 / Session Law 2017-138) on the authority of local government water and wastewater utilities in North Carolina to set System Development Fees (a.k.a. impact fees). The new law changes the authority that municipalities, counties, and special units of local government (Authorities, Metropolitan Districts, Sanitary Districts, etc.) in assessing and implementing System Development Fees. The law specifies what is eligible, how the fees can be assessed, and how they are to be implemented. In some cases, there are some significant changes to how NC utilities have been assessing and implementing impact fees/system development fees in the past. Please watch a recording of the webinar below and download the latest version of the PowerPoint slides (which have been updated from the time of the webinar) below. Also, you may wish to read blog posts from Kara and Jeff on this topic

Please note the original presentation had a few errors that were corrected in the posted version below, but remain in the recorded version.


Thursday, August 17, 2017