WEBINAR | Designing Appropriate Rate Structures for Water and Wastewater Utilities in Alabama

Tuesday, June 27, 2017
2:00PM - 3:00PM CDT
Host Organization: 
Environmental Finance Center
Birmingham, AL
United States

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How you charge your customers can be as important as how much you charge them.

Different rate structure designs affect revenue generation and can either help or hinder varying objectives of the utility. Several designs of rate structures can be used to produce the same level of revenue for a water system, but each rate structure promotes fairness, affordability, conservation, business incentives, and other objectives at varying degrees.

This webinar described different elements of water and wastewater rate structures and when it is appropriate to favor certain elements or rate structure designs over others based on the unique characteristics and objectives of the utility. Elements of rate structures include customer classifications, base charges, consumption allowances, volumetric rates, etc. Examples were discussed and participants had opportunities to ask questions.

Presenter: Shadi Eskaf, Senior Project Director of the EFC at UNC.




Tuesday, June 27, 2017