Webinar | New Hampshire Water and Wastewater Rates Dashboard

Tuesday, November 13, 2018
10:30 am - 11:30 am
Host Organization: 
EFC at UNC's School of Government

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This webinar gave attendees the opportunity to learn about the new, online, New Hampshire Water and Wastewater Rates Dashboard, as well as information about benchmarks for sustainable rates and finances for their system. The Rates Dashboard features data from a 2018 survey conducted by the Environmental Finance Center at UNC-Chapel Hill, with assistance from Tighe & Bond, Inc.

Dashboard Features: 

• Features unique to New Hampshire

• Four benchmarking dials (rates comparison, conservation pricing signal, affordability, and cost

• Rate increase simulation slider, with consumption ranging from 0-15,000 gallons

• Meaningful comparison groups based on system characteristics, customer demographics, and geography

• Edit Data or Add Utility function to use even if a system is not in the survey

• New features unique to New Hampshire: price per gallon, averages in addition to medians for dials with comparison groups, and average annual bill amounts for the state

Who Should View: The Water and Wastewater Rates Dashboard is a great tool to help utility managers, finance directors, council/board members, and others evaluate their rates, benchmark rates with other utilities, and determine if utility rates are encouraging conservation and covering costs of operations and capital. It can also serve as a communications tool for explaining utility rates and finance concepts to a variety of audiences.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018