Webinar: Tips for Assessing and Improving the Fiscal Health of Small Regulated Water Utilities in Arizona

Thursday, December 17, 2015
2:00PM AST
Host Organization: 
Environmental Finance Center Network

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Small water systems face a host of financial challenges involving rate setting, capital planning, and acquiring capital for infrastructure needs. Small water utilities that are regulated by the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) face these same challenges while at the same time having to navigate within the context of ACC regulatory requirements. This free webinar provided participants with guidance on implementing financial best practices involving preparing for rate cases, capital finance, and the formation of partnerships with other utilities all while taking into consideration ACC rules and requirements. The webinar included brief presentations from ACC staff and Environmental Finance Center Network staff on current rules and best practice examples. The webinar also provided a forum for utilities to share their experiences and ask questions related to utility finance.


  • Ray Jones (Water Utilities Association of Arizona)
  • James Armstrong (Arizona Corporation Commission)
  • Jeff Hughes (Environmental Finance Center at UNC Chapel Hill)

This webinar was presented in partnership with the Water Utility Association of Arizona, and is part of the EPA funded Smart Management for Small Water Systems Project.


Webinar Recording:

Thursday, December 17, 2015