WIFA is an independent agency of the state of Arizona and is authorized to finance the construction, rehabilitation and/or improvement of drinking water, wastewater, wastewater reclamation, and other water quality facilities/projects. Generally, WIFA offers borrowers below market interest rates on loans. 

As a "bond bank," WIFA is able to issue water quality bonds on behalf of communities for basic water infrastructure. Through active portfolio and financial management, WIFA provides significant savings due to lower interest rates and no closing costs. WIFA is able to lower a borrower's interest costs to between 70 and 95% of WIFA's tax-exempt cost of borrowing.

WIFA's principal tools for providing low interest financial assistance include the Clean Water Revolving Fund for publicly held wastewater treatment projects and the Drinking Water Revolving Fund for both publicly and privately held drinking water systems. 

WIFA also manages a Planning and Design Technical Assistance Program. This program offers planning and design funding to eligible wastewater and drinking water systems. The purpose of the program is to help prepare water and wastewater facilities for future infrastructure project construction.

Our vision at WIFA is to guide our resources to communities with the greatest need to maintain and enhance Arizona's quality of life.

WIFA's mission is to maintain and improve water quality in Arizona by providing financial assistance and technical assistance for basic water infrastructure.