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Electricity Baseline Builder for Water Utilities

This tool allows water utilities to see how much electricity the water system is currently using and track how much the utility can save, or has already saved, with new energy efficiency projects. Input your monthly electricity bills and the tool will calculate various metrics, including monthly electricity use, average daily electricity use, electricity intensity, electric demand, and demand charge as a percent of the total electric bill. The tool also displays your data in a series of graphs.

Financial Health Checkup for Water Utilities

Use our free tool to assess the financial performance of your water and/or wastewater utility fund. This tool translates financial data readily available in your annual financial statements into key financial indicators that measure a variety of important metrics, such as the ability to pay debt service, availability of cash to pay for operations and maintenance, the sufficiency of revenues generated, etc. The tool demonstrates the financial strengths and weaknesses of the utility fund in the past 5 years.

Financing Wetland and Water Quality Improvements Tool

In many cases, successful wetland and water quality projects involve multiple partners and several separate revenue sources. 


Water and Wastewater Residential Rates Affordability Assessment Tool

A simple do-it-yourself Excel tool that guides a utility to assess the relative affordability of its water and wastewater rates on its residential customers using multiple metrics. Affordability is assessed for the average customer, low-income customers, and a full range of households based on their various income levels, both all households and only homeowners. The tool also allows for a new rate structure to be entered to see how affordability compares from one rate structure to the next.

Water Utility Customer Assistance Program Cost Estimation Tool

This tool was developed by the Environmental Finance Center for the Water Research Foundation as part of the Defining Resilient Business Models for Water Utilities project. The tool is designed to help water utilities estimate the costs of implementing a customer assistance program.

Water Utility Revenue Risk Assessment Tool

As part the Defining a Resilient Business Model for Water Utilities project, the EFC developed this tool to allow utilities and technical assistance providers to quickly determine the proportion of residential revenues from water sales that may be at risk of loss when residential customers change demand patterns. When residential customers reduce demand, utilities collect less revenue from customer sales than anticipated. Utilities often ask how much of their revenues are really and realistically at risk of loss if their customers lower their consumption.

Annual Car Costs and Carbon Calculator

This tool can help you choose and analyze fleet vehicles based on cost and carbon output.This tool can help you choose and analyze fleet vehicles based on cost and carbon output.


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