Featured Report: Defining a Resilient Business Model for Water Utilities

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Environmental Finance Center and the Water Research Foundation partnered to produce a new report that helps utilities address the challenges of revenue gaps, which are exacerbated by rising customer expectations, declining water consumption, aging infrastructure, and necessary integration of utility finance functions with asset management, environmental justice, risk management, and other initiatives. The products of this project lay the groundwork for a shift in thinking by utilities to modernize financial and management practices by strengthening linkages among systems, processes, and decision-making practices.

This report provides a large-scale, quantitative analysis of the financial reality of water utilities. In its entirety, the report serves as a utility financial review, grounded in practical and applied approaches to securing revenue resiliency. It brings together a myriad of datasets and reports that, taken together, combine to reflect current trends and practices in revenue resiliency.

Access the Executive Summary here, or read the full report and access associated tools on the Water Research Foundation Website.