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Webinar | Regionalization and the Power of Partnership


The presentation slides can be found here.   Description: Running a small system can be challenging. Along with meeting regulatory obligations and satisfying customer expectations, you may have issues with aging infrastructure, lack of personnel, and limited financial resources. Furthermore, small … Continued

Panel Participation | Utilizing Research to Impact Environmental Policy in NC

Toy Lounge in Dey Hall 200 South Rd, Chapel Hill, NC

Description: This event featured a panel of faculty and undergraduate students discussing how their research at UNC informs and shapes policy-decisions of the North Carolina General Assembly and state agencies in Raleigh, such as the NC Department of Environmental Quality. … Continued

Webinar | Long-term Investment for Financial Resiliency


This webinar will introduce basic concepts for long-term financial resiliency and asset management. After a brief overview of financial analysis tools, this webinar will focus on long-term investment strategies and concepts including asset management, life-cycle costing, long-term asset planning, and … Continued

2022 Stormwater and Green Infrastructure Finance Workshop

NC Botanical Gardens 100 Old Mason Farm Rd, Chapel Hill, NC

The Stormwater and Green Infrastructure Finance Workshop will be taught by the Environmental Finance Center at the School of Government. The course will cover utility fee setting, public outreach and communications, innovative uses for stormwater revenues, legal considerations, regulatory considerations, … Continued

Financial Benchmarking for Small Water and Wastewater Systems

This webinar will discuss how to think about water and wastewater systems as a financial entity and will examine the key financial indicators that allow systems to make informed decisions in planning and investment. Participants will learn how to calculate … Continued