Richard Whisnant

Professor of Public Law and Government

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Richard Whisnant is a Professor of Public Law and Government. He teaches environmental and administrative law, often to local and state officials such as city and county managers and attorneys, judges, and finance officers. As a School of Government faculty member, Richard works with local government on a daily basis to answer questions and give advice about environmental problems. Richard's interests and expertise are in environmental law, including the core air, water, and waste statutes, the law of cleaning up contaminated property, and various specialized areas such as risk assessment, water resource management, coastal development, sedimentation and erosion control; administrative law, including the structure and processes of administrative agencies at the state and local level, regulatory reform, rulemaking, permitting and enforcement, and in financing environmental infrastructure. Richard is also knowledgeable in the area of digital content creation and distribution. He holds degrees from Harvard University, including a J.D. and a Master's in Public Policy, and from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Prior to joining the School of Government faculty, he served as General Counsel to the North Carolina Department of Environment, Health and Natural Resources.