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Project Director

Justin Nolan is a Project Director at the UNC Environmental Finance Center (UNC EFC). In this role, He works for communities to help them find funding for water and sewer infrastructure, gives training and conducts educational opportunities to help develop personnel at utilities across the state, and works with small businesses to reduce their environmental footprint. Justin believes that water work is more important than ever in the face of a changing climate and an aging national infrastructure.

Before working at the UNC EFC, Justin was employed at Wake County Schools, where he taught social studies and epistemology. This experience was a crucial part of his background because it helped him become a confident speaker and develop an empathy for learners of all shapes and sizes. He has done an enormous amount of thinking about how people acquire information and what the barriers are to internalizing new concepts, and he uses that skill set to be an effective communicator in the water and wastewater space.


MA, City and Regional Planning, 2021, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
BA, History, 2010, University of North Carolina at Greensboro