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The EFC works to support the financial and physical resiliency of communities and their water, wastewater, and stormwater utilities. We provide resources that help utilities both sustain their infrastructure and operations as well as plan for future challenges.

Utilities face many challenges—from extreme events of flooding caused by a hurricane to ongoing struggles with failing infrastructure. At the EFC, we help utilities and funders become better equipped to create financial strategies to handle challenges of today and the future. Through direct technical assistance as well as applied research, the EFC seeks to understand, analyze, and promote strategies that will help utilities plan for, and fund, projects that will contribute to their community’s ability to bounce back better after an extreme event. The EFC regularly researches and releases information about innovative and sustainable financing mechanisms for infrastructure projects. Additionally, in 2021, the EFC released a report that highlighted the impacts of Hurricanes Matthew (2016) and Florence (2018) on communities and their water and wastewater utilities, with an emphasis on the ability of communities to repair damage from flooding and fund those vital repairs. The EFC strives to support utilities, their communities, and the local, state, and federal agencies in their efforts to fund water, wastewater, and stormwater services now and into the future.