California Water Rates and Sustainability Performance Dashboard

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Dashboard is available.


The Environmental Finance Center and the UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation conducted a rates survey of nearly every water system in the State of California that serve between 500 and 3,300 connections. This dashboard is provided as a resource for small water systems in California by the California State Water Resources Control Board.

Data from the survey were used to develop an interactive online dashboard that visualizes and benchmarks financial and performance data on water systems. The California Small Water Systems Rates Dashboard allows comparison and benchmarking of water rates, financial metrics, and other system performance measures with peers, according to important factors such as system size and customer demographics. See examples of similar dashboards for other states here.



Participating Organizations:  

 The Luskin Center for Innovation (LCI) conducts rigorous research and timely outreach that informs environmental policies for the health of people and the planet. We evaluate existing and proposed environmental policies to assess their effectiveness, equity impacts, and potential to spur innovation. We then share research findings with community leaders and policymakers, who use LCI’s research to design evidence-based environmental policies.

The Environmental Finance Center (EFC) at the University of North Carolina reaches local communities through the delivery of interactive applied training programs and technical assistance. The EFC at UNC sees one of its major roles as increasing the capacity of other organizations to address the financial aspects of environmental protection and service delivery. For this reason and to support the leveraging of resources, the EFC does most of its training in a collaborative manner.