Financing Land Conservation


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The UNC EFC has completed several projects that help explain the cost and means of financing land conservation.

North Carolina State Agency Conservation Funding Needs Assessment

One NC Naturally, an initiative of the N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources, produced a draft strategic plan during spring of 2003. The plan addressed three general questions relating to North Carolina conservation: What needs to be protected (and where)?; How will the protection occur (and by whom)?; and How will the additional conservation efforts be funded? This report provides some background details related to the third question: How to pay for a major conservation initiative. Specifically, it addressed:

  • How much money is currently available for conservation efforts by state agencies.
  • How much additional funding is needed to meet current state agency conservation goals--the gap between current and needed funding.

Exact details of necessary funding will await completion of the other aspects of the One NC Naturally Plan, but it is hoped that this preliminary report will provide sufficiently robust data to allow the search for additional funding sources to begin on sound footing.