New Hampshire Water and Wastewater Rates Survey and Dashboard

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The Environmental Finance Center and the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services conducted a survey of water and wastewater rates in 2020 for the State of New Hampshire. 

Data from the survey was used to develop an interactive online dashboard that visualizes and benchmarks financial and performance data on water systems. The Rates and Sustainability Performance Dashboard allows comparison and benchmarking of water rates, financial metrics, and other system performance measures with peers, according to important factors such as system size, ownership type, and customer demographics. In addition to information concerning water rates, wastewater rates, and financial information, we are also gathering information pertaining to industrial water rates, industrial wastewater rates, tap fees, and impact fees. 




New Hampshire state silhouette with NH DES logo

From 2017-2018 the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, in conjunction with the EFC and Tighe & Bond, conducted surveys of water and wastewater rates for local government and other utilities in the state of New Hampshire to produce the resources listed below.


View the Rates Dashboard
View the Tables of Rates and Rate Structures
View Your Utility's Rate Sheets
View the Webinar
View the Summary Report




Description of the NH Water and Wastewater Rates Survey

New Hampshire's utilities use many different water and wastewater rate structures. These different rates and rate structures have financial impacts on revenue stability, household expenditures, and water use behavior. Various rate strategies influence resource use differently and, conversely, efforts to curtail resource use (for example, conservation) have unique revenue impacts depending on a utility's rates, rate structure, and customer base. Information on how utilities in New Hampshire charge for water and wastewater services is important for utilities in benchmarking their current rates and financial performance. 


Survey  Response Rate: 

Year and Month of Survey Publications (survey conducted a few months prior)

Number of Utilities that Participated in the Rates Survey



Participating Organizations:  

New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services 

The mission of the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) is to help sustain a high quality of life for all citizens by protecting and restoring the environment and public health in New Hampshire. The protection and wise management of the state of New Hampshire’s environment are the important goals of the NHDES. The department’s responsibilities range from ensuring high levels of water quality for water supplies, ecological balance, and recreational benefits, to regulating the emissions of air pollutants, to fostering the proper management of municipal and industrial waste, to managing water resources for future generations.

The Environmental Finance Center (EFC) at the University of North Carolina reaches local communities through the delivery of interactive applied training programs and technical assistance. The EFC at UNC sees one of its major roles as increasing the capacity of other organizations to address the financial aspects of environmental protection and service delivery. For this reason and to support the leveraging of resources, the EFC does most of its training in a collaborative manner – partnering with established organizations that have environmental but not necessarily financial expertise. In addition to direct community outreach, the EFC works with decision makers to assess the effectiveness of environmental finance policies at a regional or state level, and to improve those policies as a way of supporting local efforts.

New Hampshire Municipal Association

The New Hampshire Municipal Association is a non-profit, non-partisan association working to strengthen New Hampshire cities and towns and their ability to serve the public as a member-funded, member-governed and member-driven association since 1941. We serve as a resource for information, education and legal service. NHMA is a strong, clear voice advocating for New Hampshire municipal interests.

The mission of the Granite State Rural Water Association is to provide its members with professional technical assistance, training, and legislative representation. Our staff of water, wastewater and technical experts is available to assist you and answer your questions. GSRWA publishes “Operator” a quarterly newsletter and hosts New Hampshire’s premier trade show for water professionals. This annual event is called the Operator Field Day and Exhibit Show. 
Resources for Communities and People

RCAP Solutions has been helping individuals, families, communities and small business owners with a wide range of housing and other beneficial services for almost a half a century. RCAP offers many diverse and supportive programs and services, which are divided into four key areas:

  • To provide a wide range of affordable housing, homelessness prevention, workforce development, family unification and self-sufficiency services.
  • To promote public, environmental and economic health by providing support for a wide range of community development and infrastructure projects.
  • To oversee operation of our residential rental properties as well as development activity, to its properties in Central Massachusetts.  The Company’s portfolio currently includes ten affordable housing projects with a total of 362 units.
  • RCAP Solutions Financial Services, Inc. is a subsidiary of RCAP Solutions, and a CDFI certified tax exempt organization.  Our Financial Resources Division serves as an alternative lender, dedicated to making loans to homeowners and small businesses not eligible for loans through the traditional resources.