Orange Water and Sewer Authority (OWASA) Affordability Outreach


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Like many water utilities, the Orange Water and Sewer Authority (OWASA) is committed to providing high quality drinking water and wastewater service to its customers while also offering programs and assistance to those who may not be able to afford their water bills. As part of this commitment, OWASA staff recently created an Affordability Outreach Program plan that describes strategies and recommendations to increase community awareness of options to manage and reduce OWASA bills and to empower low-income customers and the local agencies that serve them with information and tools to manage and reduce OWASA bills.

In support of these efforts, the EFC partnered with OWASA to develop educational materials about cost-effective ways to reduce bills through conservation practices and water use efficiency investments, including:

Infographic: It Pays to Change Your Ways: 7 Simple Strategies to Save Water and Money

 OWASA Infographic

Download the full handout (PDF).


Video: It Pays to Change Your Ways


The video is also available in Spanish, Burmese, and Karen languages.