Smart Management for Small Water Systems

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Through the Smart Management for Small Water Systems project, the EFC works to improve the financial and managerial capabilities of the nation's smallest, most plentiful, and neediest public water systemsthose serving fewer than 10,000 people. 

Visit the Smart Management for Small Water Systems website to learn more, access tools and resources, and view recorded trainings and webinars.

The EFC and its partners build the financial and managerial capacity of small water systems through classroom trainings, workshops, small group and one-on-one assistance, webcasts, and online tools and resources. Collectively, these efforts help small water system managers to understand their assets, find opportunities for cost savings and potential funding sources, look for ways to work with other systems, increase water and energy efficiency, and develop sound fiscal policies and practices. Areas of assistance include:

  • Asset management and capital improvement planning
  • Fiscal planning and rate setting
  • Water loss reduction
  • Energy management
  • Water system collaboration and partnerships
  • Managerial and financial leadership
  • Funding coordination
  • Workforce planning
  • Disaster preparedness

The Smart Management for Small Water Systems is currently in its sixth round of funding. In the fifth round of funding, the EFC and its EFCN partners provided technical assistance to more than 2,200 individuals and taught more than 100 workshops through the Smart Management for Small Water Systems project. Technical assistance and training has been provided in all 50 states and in 4 US Territories. To learn more about the impact of this project, see our state by state summaries.

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