Stormwater Programs: Administration and Finance

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Federal Phase II stormwater rules require local governments to develop and implement programs to protect water from pollutants carried by stormwater. From research and analysis, the EFC at UNC has created tools and trainings to assist local governments to meet and exceed rule requirements.

Resources include:

2017 North Carolina Stormwater Rates Dashboard and Rates Data: The EFC at UNC recently completed a statewide stormwater fee survey, collecting and analyzing 73 different fee structures across the state. These structures and the information they provide paint a picture of North Carolina’s stormwater management priorities and can be used as an educational tool for communities across the state. Rates are current as of February 2017.

Stormwater Listserv: Our stormwater listserve provides financial, administrative, and management assistance to individuals and organizations involved with managing stormwater programs. You can learn more and sign up for free here.

The 2007 Southeast Stormwater Utility Survey (pdf: Results from a 2007 survey of stormwater utilities in the southeastern United States conducted by the Southeast Stormwater Association and funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 4. This report provides useful information to managers and policy-makers in state and local governments in the southeast.