Sustainable Finance for Wetlands Programs

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Many state and tribal wetlands programs today are not able to meet all of their program goals because of insufficient or inconsistent funding. This is true both for small, emerging programs and larger, well-established programs.

The purpose of this sustainable finance project is to help state and tribal wetlands programs develop a stable and appropriate funding model to better meet their goals.

 There are five key elements to sustainable finance:
  • Know the projects you want to pay for
  • Seek out all appropriate federal funding options
  • Combine federal money with funds generated at the state/tribal level such as appropriations, fees or bonds
  • Collaborate with other units of government such as state/tribal agencies and local governments to avoid duplicating work and to increase the chance of receiving funding
  • Seek out non-governmental organizations as partners

The sustainable finance program has been developed by Glenn Barnes of the EFC at UNC and Romell Nandi of EPA Headquarters' Wetlands Program. The project is funded by the Environmental Protection Agency. See the EPA website for State, Tribal, and Local Initiatives.

Also see Sustainable Financing for State and Tribal Wetland Programs: Wetland Regulatory Activity Finance