Utiligence: Detailed Customer Classification for More Precise Programming and Pricing


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Studying customer behavior has become an essential financial management and research component for most commercial enterprises. Currently, most water utilities could better use the extensive database of customer metering and billing records to study the implications of their pricing and policies, as well as factors outside utility control, like weather. Customer-level analysis can reveal overall trends in usage and billing practices over time that a utility can use to minimize negative revenue impacts and improve utility operations. Customer-level analysis can also be used to study the specific behavior of individual customers, like irrigation, to target communication and even pricing to individual customers. In addition to the benefit to individual utilities to understand and scrutinize their customers, an investigation into customer consumption behavior within the context of pricing, socioeconomic, housing, and drought response can produce larger lessons for other utilities. 

Read the reports and resources on the left. In addition, there is a summary of the report on characterising non-residential customers on the NC WRRI website.