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The EFC at UNC has created several free tools to assist water utilities in addressing the challenges and questions we commonly see in our teaching and advising. These tools cover a broad range of finance and management topics, including rates and revenue, financial benchmarking, affordability, capital finance, communicating with the board, and evaluating loans and grants. 

Rates and Revenue

Water and Wastewater Rates Analysis Model

Use this tool to review your rates to ensure projected revenues cover projected expenses. This tool will help you determine whether proposed rates will keep the utility financially self-sufficient for the next few years.

Water Utility Revenue Risk Assessment Tool

Use this tool to assess how much revenues might be affected by changing demand patterns. The tool will help you compare effects on existing rates and on alternative rate structures. 

COVID-19 Water Utility Revenue Impact Estimator

Use this tool to project how your utility revenues are being affected due to the conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic into the next two years under differing scenarios of recovery.



Financial Sustainability and Rates Dashboards

Our flagship tools for water utilities, these interactive dashboards allow you to benchmark your utility's rates against other utilities with similar characteristics. The dashboards also help you evaluate rates, cost recovery, affordability, pricing signal, and other financial benchmarks. Use the dashboards to communicate important information about your rates with your board, the media, and the public.

Financial Health Checkup for Water Utilities

Use this tool to get a snapshot of your utilitys financial health and demonstrate the financial strengths and weaknesses of your utility over the past 5 years. The tool uses your utility's financial data to calculate and visualize 6 financial performance indicators.

Financial Resilience Dashboard: A Glimpse into the Effects of COVID-19 for Water and Wastewater Utilities

This dashboard is designed to allow utilities to visualize the impact of revenue losses given COVID-19's conditions and the ability to pay for operations and maintenance expenses by offsetting revenue losses from unrestricted cash and reserves. There are unique versions of this dashboard for North Carolina and Georgia.  


Residential Rates Affordability Assessment Tool

Use this tool to assess how affordable rates are to your customer base using multiple metrics.

Bill Payment Assistance Program Cost Estimation For Water Utilities

Use this tool to estimate the funds needed to create and implement a Bill Payment Assistance Program that helps low-income residential customers when they cannot afford to pay their bill.


Capital Finance

Plan to Pay: Scenarios to Fund Your Capital Improvement Plan

Use this tool to help plan how to pay for future capital projects. The tool will estimate the effects that paying for capital projects will have on your rates under various scenarios.


Dashboard for Using Capital Reserve Funds to Avoid Rate Shock

Use this tool to nd the right balance of debt nancing and cash reserves to pay for a capital project while maintaining a positive fund balance.


Communicating with the Board

Rate Case Visualization Tool

This infographic tool is designed to help utility staff present key financial and operational information to the water utility board during a rate review. The tool is available for download by members of the Water Research Foundation on their website.


Evaluating Loans and Grants

What is the Value of an SRF Loan? Subsidized Loan Calculator

Use this tool to determine whether it makes economic sense to accept a subsidized loan or grant that your utility has been offered.


Energy Management

Electricity Baseline Builder for Water Utilities

This tool allows you to see how much electricity your water system is currently using and track how much you save, or have already saved, with new energy efficiency projects.