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Hot Topics in Utility Finance | NCGFOA Conference Summer 2017
Jeff Hughes
Presentation; Powerpoint, 07/17/2017

Jeff Hughes led a session at the annual NCGFOA conference on emerging utility finance topics including the state’s new legal framework for system development fees. 

Designing Appropriate Rate Structures for Water and Wastewater Utilities in Alabama
Shadi Eskaf
Presentation; Powerpoint, 06/27/2017

Overview of various elements of water and wastewater rate structure designs, and when to favor some of them based on the utility's objectives and priorities.

Water and Wastewater Rates in Alabama
Shadi Eskaf
Presentation; Powerpoint, 06/22/2017

Statewide review of rates being charged by 448 utilities in Alabama (April 2016 rates), with links to the Alabama Rates Dashboard and other resources.

WEBINAR | Innovative Strategies for Customer Affordability
Stacey Isaac Berahzer
Presentation; Powerpoint, 06/07/2017

Stacey Isaac Berahzer presented at this AWWA webinar. 

This webinar discussed pathways to funding customer assistance programs (CAPs) with rate revenue. 

Learning Objectives:

• Recognize the diversity in states’ guidance on CAP design
• Recount options for implementing CAPs even when state law is ambiguous

Risks and Rewards of Alternative Water Project Delivery Methods
Jeff Hughes
Presentation; Powerpoint, 05/25/2017

Jeff Hughes presented findings from a recent EFC research project on alternative delivery mechanisms at the 2017 Water for Texas Conference, a showcase of innovative scientific, planning, and financial solutions to water challenges.