EFC Resources: 2017 North Carolina Stormwater Rates Dashboard

2017 North Carolina Stormwater Rates Dashboard

Subject: Financial Data
Program: Stormwater, Wetlands, and Watersheds
Tool type: Dashboard
Date: 04/05/2017
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Click on the link above to launch the dashboard.

The Environmental Finance Center (EFC) recently completed a statewide stormwater fee survey. We collected and analyzed 73 different fee structures across the state. These structures and the information they provide paint a picture of North Carolina’s stormwater management priorities and can be used as an educational tool for communities across the state. Rates are current as of February 2017.

The EFC gathered data primarily from published online resources such as municipality and county stormwater webpages, fee schedules, and stormwater ordinances. In cases where information was difficult to find the EFC collected the remaining data through email and phone exchanges with utility or municipality and county representatives. Click here to download a table of rates data.

Explore the results of the survey in the dashboard by clicking on the link above. Please contact Jeff Hughes for more information.

Project page: Stormwater Programs: Administration and Finance

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