EFC Resources: Georgia Stormwater Fees Dashboard

Georgia Stormwater Fees Dashboard

Subject: Billing, Costs, Financial Data, Green Infrastructure, Rates, Revenues
Program: Stormwater, Wetlands, and Watersheds
Tool type: Dashboard
Date: 03/01/2017
Version: 2016; v1.0
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Brand new look and new functions!

We have added the following features and functions to the dashboard:

  • New: Compare residential, nonresidential, and multi-family fees by impervious area
  • New comparison groups, including similar total service area, same MS4 permit, and more
  • New bar chart showing how your selected utility compares against its peer group
  • New "More Info" button displays details about the selected utility and its fee structure

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What is the Georgia Stormwater Fees Dashboard?

This interactive Fees Dashboard is designed to assist utility managers and local officials in analyzing residential, nonresidential, and multi-family stormwater fees against multiple characteristics, including utility finances, system characteristics, customer base socioeconomic conditions, and geography. The EFC and the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority collected and analyzed stormwater fee structures for 48 stormwater utilities in GA.

July 2016 residential, nonresidential, and multi-family stormwater fees for 48 stormwater utilities can be compared with:

  • All other stormwater utilities in the State,
  • Utilities in the same county,
  • Utilities in the same watershed,
  • Utilities in the same water planning region,
  • Utilities with the same ownership type (municipalities, county/districts, etc),
  • Utilities using the same fee structure,
  • Utilties with the same MS4 Permit,
  • Utilities with similar customer income,
  • Utilities with a similar service population,
  • Utilities within the same congressional district,
  • Utilities with a similar total area,
  • Utilities within 10 miles,
  • Utilities within 25 miles, and
  • Utilities within 50 miles.

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