EFC Resources: Plan to Pay: Scenarios to Fund your C.I.P.

Plan to Pay: Scenarios to Fund your C.I.P.

Subject: Capital Planning, Financial Data, Rates
Program: Drinking Water and Wastewater
Tool type: Calculator
Date: 11/05/2015
Version: 2.6
File: Click to download (requires registration)   (MS Excel)

Enter in all capital projects and this tool will project your fund balance (revenues, expenses and reserves), and necessary rate increases for the next 20 years, and more! Data entry requirements are minimal. Intended for small and medium systems.


How to use this tool:

Start by entering basic information on a utility's rate structure, customer base and current fiscal year financials. Then enter the capital projects for the next 20 years, choose project start and end dates and costs, and select a financing method for each project (cash financed or debt financed). The tool will calculate annual rate increases necessary to cover capital reserve allocations and debt service over a 20-year planning period, while restricting your reserves from increasing perpetually. Results are displayed in tables and easy-to-read graphics.


What's new in version 2.6?

  • The tool has a new name! It was formerly called the "User-friendly Capital Improvement Plan Tool for Water and Wastewater Utilities".
  • Minor formatting changes
  • Set up print areas to ensure better quality printing of all worksheets


Project page: Capital Planning Resources for Water and Wastewater Utilities

Project page: North Carolina Water System Capacity Development Support

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Additional information:

Please contact Shadi Eskaf with questions. Water systems serving up to 10,000 people (about 4,000 accounts) can request free assistance from the EFC to fill in this tool and consider scenarios for funding capital projects.