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Water pricing can be one of the most effective methods to driving conservation and is also the primary mechanism for recovering the revenue that a water utility needs to protect public health and the environment.  The Environmental Finance Center at the University of North Carolina and the Sierra Club, Lone Star Chapter have written a report to help Texas water utilities use their water rates and financial policies to encourage customers to reduce their water use while maintaining the financial viability of the utility.

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This webinar discusses the findings and recommendations of a recent report that explores the relationship between water pricing, water use, and revenue stability in the State of Texas. The webinar addresses how utilities can strike a balance between conservation and revenue stability and introduces rate structures, billing options, and financial practices that will help utilities advance water conservation objectives without undercutting needed revenue stability. Water utilities and their stakeholders will find it useful in evaluating how water rates compare within the state and identifying additional steps that can be taken to promote conservation and ensure revenue stability.


  • Mary Tiger, Chief Operating Officer, Environmental Finance Center at UNC Chapel Hill
  • Jeff Hughes, Director, Environmental Finance Center at UNC Chapel Hill
  • Jennifer Walker, Water Resources Coordinator, Sierra Club Lone Star Chapter, Texas Living Waters Project

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