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Water and wastewater rate setting is one of local government’s most important environmental and public health responsibilities. The EFC and the Hawai’i Department of Health Safe Drinking Water Branch conducted surveys of what water and wastewater utilities in the state of Hawai’i charge in rates and in connection and system development fees. The EFC compiles the rates data with information on utilities’ Enterprise Fund key financial performance indicators, system characteristics, community socioeconomics, and other data. The Hawai’i DOH SDWB and the EPA funds this work to provide utilities across the state with the most comprehensive resources that can be used for benchmarking, rate-setting, financial decision-making, and communication. The information is compiled annually in the HI Water and Wastewater Rates Dashboard, downloadable spreadsheets, and a summary report.

Surveys included rates data in 2021 (43 utilities); 2016 (35 utilities).

Tables of Rates Data

Spreadsheets of data are available to download. The data tables list each utility’s residential and non-residential water and residential irrigation rate structure details as well as the monthly-equivalent bills computed at different consumption levels. All rates data displayed on the HI Water Rates Dashboard are available in these downloadable Microsoft Excel files.

Current rates tables: 2021

Previous years’ rates tables: 2016

Report on Rates Across the State

This report aims to provide utility professionals and public officials with an up-to-date summary of current statewide rate structures and trends. This report answers frequently asked questions about what utilities are charging, rate structure designs, affordability, and more. The latest version, summarizing water rates in January 2016, includes rates information from 35 rate-charging utilities accounting for approximately 90% of residents served by community water systems. All reports are in PDF format.

Previous years’ reports: 2016

View a Utility’s Rate Sheet

To view a utility’s rate sheet for rates effective on January 1, 2021, view the HI Utility Rate Sheet interactive display and select the utility at the top. Please email if the information displayed is incorrect.


View the interactive the HI Water Rates Dashboard.

Download Full Report for Hawai’i Water and Wastewater Rates Information Download Spreadsheet View The Dashboard

Accessibility Statement

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill believes everyone in our community deserves equal access to information. Hawai’i Water and Wastewater Rates Information is available to provide data to make decisions for public policy. We are committed to creating an inclusive digital experience. If you are unable to access this information, please contact the Environmental Finance Center for more options.


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