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Water and wastewater rate setting is one of local government’s most important environmental and public health responsibilities. The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency surveyed what utilities in Ohio charge for rates. The EFC compiles the rates data with information on utilities’ Enterprise Fund key financial performance indicators, system characteristics, community socioeconomics, and other data. The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency funds this work to provide utilities across the state with the most comprehensive resources that can be used for benchmarking, rate-setting, financial decision-making, and communication. The information is compiled in the OH Water and Wastewater Rates Dashboard and downloadable spreadsheets of rate structures and monthly bill amounts.

There are 360 utilities included in the 2020 survey.

Tables of Rates Data

Spreadsheets of data are available to download. The rates data tables list each utility’s residential water and wastewater rate structure details, inside and outside town limits, as well as the monthly-equivalent bills computed at different consumption levels. All rates data displayed on the OH Water and Wastewater Rates Dashboard are available in these files.

Rate data tables by year –  in Tableau: 2020

View a Utility’s Rate Sheet

To view a utility’s rate sheet for rates effective on Nov. 6th, 2022, view the OH Utility Rate Sheet interactive display and select the utility at the top. Please email if the information displayed is incorrect.


View the interactive OH Water and Wastewater Rates Dashboard


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