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These resources are made in partnership with the Texas Municipal League


Tables Title Funding


Funding Water and Wastewater Utility Funding Sources Table

A guide to available funding sources for water and wastewater utilities in this state.

Texas Water and Wastewater Funding Sources


Report Title Law Scales

Law Scales Navigating Legal Pathways Report

A short report summarizing the principal legal barriers and opportunities to establishing an assistance program for low-income water and wastewater utilities in the state.

Navigating Legal Pathways to Rate-Funded Customer Assistance Programs


A report detailing how to use water rates and financial policies to encourange conservation while maintaining the financial viability of the utility in Texas.

Designing Water Rate Structures for Conservation & Revenue Stability

Webinar Title

Designing Water Rate Structures for Conservation & Revenue Stability

This webinar discusses the findings and recommendations of a recent report that explores the relationship between water pricing, water use, and revenue stability in the State of Texas. The webinar addresses how utilities can strike a balance between conservation and revenue stability and introduce rate structures, billing options, and financial practices that will help utilities advance water conservation objectives without undercutting needed revenue stability. Water utilities and their stakeholders will find it useful in evaluating how water rates compare within the state and identifying additional steps that can be taken to promote conservation and ensure revenue stability.

Designing Water Rate Structures for Conservation & Revenue Stability


Dashboard Title Water

Water Water & Wastewater Rates Dashboard

The Rates Dashboard is an interactive tool to assist with understanding, bench marking, and assessing a utility’s rates, financial health, affordability, and other metrics. In addition, this year’s dashboard includes a new “download data” feature allowing users to download all of the data feeding the dashboard and the comparison group selected.

Click the image below to explore the Texas Dashboard. 

TX Dashboard



Blog Posts Title

The purpose of the blog is to support communities interested in sustainable and innovative financing mechanisms for delivering environmental services such as clean water and energy /waste management. The list below represents all blogs specifically related to Texas.


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