Virginia Water and Wastewater Rates Dashboard

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

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**Updated with 2017 rates!**

** Please CLICK HERE to open the dashboard in a new tab **


This interactive Rates Dashboard is designed to assist utility managers and local officials analyze residential water and wastewater rates against system characteristics and geography. Utility financial and management data are also available. The rates survey was conducted by Draper Aden Associates, and the Dashboard was created by the Environmental Finance Center.

2017 residential rates for 139 utilities across Virginia can be compared with:

  • All other utilities in the dashboard,
  • Utilities with similar number of accounts,
  • Utilities with similar household income,
  • Utilities in the same watershed,
  • Utilities with the same ownership type,
  • Utilities within the same Planning District,
  • Utilities with the same water source type,
  • Utilities within 25 miles distance,
  • Utilities within 50 miles distance,
  • Utilities within 100 miles distance.

 The following measures for the selected utility are compared to key indicators or to the utilities within the selected comparison group:

  • Monthly water, sewer and combined water & sewer rates comparisons for residential (3,000, 4,000 or 5,000 gallons/month) or industrial (1,000,000 gallons/month) rates
  • Monthly bill as a percentage of Median Household Income for the service community,
  • Connection (tap) and capital recovery (impact) fees comparisons

You can compare the monthly bill charged for the selected monthly amount of usage. You can also raise rates and one-time fees by up to 150% and observe the (hypothetical) effects on the utility's rates, conservation pricing signal, operating ratio, and rate affordability.