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Across the United States, the cost of water is rising, in large part due to the growing cost of water system maintenance, especially for small water systems. In 2022, UNC EFC was pleased to partner with Digital P Media to create two videos related to water and wastewater affordability as part of the Environmental Finance Center Network’s Smart Management for Small Water Systems project funded under a cooperative agreement with the United States Environmental Protection Agency to develop trainings and resources for small water systems in every state.


Water Affordability outlines the problem of rising water rates, why they occur, and how they adversely affect low-income households. It also presents ways the UNC EFC Affordability Tool helps water and wastewater utilities, as well as public policy decision makers, better understand the cost of water services and how affordability changes across income class. The Water Affordability Tool Tutorial walks viewers through using this tool. Access the Water Affordability Tool here.


Smart Management for Small Water Systems logo Digital P Media


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