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Multidisciplinary Team

The multidisciplinary team of staff and students offer experience and expertise across a diverse range of areas. We are formally trained as public administrators, engineers, planners, attorneys, finance/business specialists, economists, policy specialists, information and data scientists, environmental scientists, and more.


image of Liz Harvell

Liz Harvell

Graduate Research Assistant

Liz Harvell graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in May 2017 where she majored in Business Journalism, with a minor in Environmental Science and Studies. After graduation, Liz coordinated communications and … Continued

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image of Sarah Henshaw

Sarah Henshaw

Graduate Research Assistant

Sarah Henshaw is a Graduate Research Assistant working on the Smart Management for Small Water Systems project at the EFC. Her work entails creating and updating funding tables that act as resources for local governments … Continued

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Kathryn Obenshain

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Kathryn Obenshain is an undergraduate student studying environmental studies and German language. She will graduate in the Spring of 2022 and hopes to work in environmental policy and advocacy. At the EFC, she helps with … Continued

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Eva Ramirez-Flores

Graduate Research Assistant

Eva graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill May 2021 with a B.S. in Environmental Science and is pursuing a Master’s in Information Science as part of Carolina’s Dual-Degree Environmental Informatics program. She is looking forward to discovering … Continued

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Image of Gabriela Santana

Gabriela Santana

Graduate Research Assistant

Gabriela Santana is an undergraduate Environmental Science student with a minor in Geography graduating in December 2021. She is hoping to pursue a Master’s in Information Science at UNC through the Dual-Degree Environmental Informatics program … Continued

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image of Austin Thompson

Austin Thompson

PhD Research Assistant

Austin Thompson joined the EFC at UNC in 2018 as a Project Director. In this role, she conducted applied research and provides technical assistance and training for environmental service providers. Thompson holds a BS in … Continued

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Delia Wegner

Graduate Research Assistant

Delia Wegner graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill in May 2021 with a major in Environmental Studies and a minor in Urban Studies and Planning. She is now pursuing a Masters in Information Science degree at UNC … Continued

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