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About EFC

Founded in 1998, the Environmental Finance Center (EFC) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill reaches local communities and state and federal programs by delivering applied training programs and technical assistance, resource and interactive tool development, and in-depth applied research on best and emerging practices. The EFC sees one of its primary roles as increasing the capacity of other organizations to address the financial aspects of environmental protection and service delivery. For this reason and to support the leveraging of resources, the EFC collaboratively does most of its work—partnering with established organizations that have environmental but not necessarily financial expertise.

Our Mission

The Environmental Finance Center is dedicated to enhancing the ability of governments and other organizations to provide environmental programs and services in fair, effective, and financially sustainable ways.

Our Programs



Webinars, in-person workshops, conference sessions, university courses, specialized trainings and presentations by invitation, facilitated peer-to-peer discussions, and more.
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Advising and Direct Assistance

Advising decision-makers, managers, staff, officials, partners, residents, and other groups on financial and managerial issues of environmental service provision. Ranges from answering phone/email questions all the way up to in-depth assistance that can take months, depending on funding and availability.
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Applied Research

From a specific analysis for a single client to multi-year projects funded by organizations.  All research is applied and aimed towards working with practitioners in solving their particular issues.  Often involves collaborations with university and external experts and partners.
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Funding & Giving


The EFC at UNC’s funding comes from a diverse combination of contracts, grants, service agreements and cooperative agreements with federal, state, and local governments, Foundations, private organizations, the UNC School of Government, and donors. Nearly all of the funding is linked to providing specific services and programs, while a portion is used for administrative and educational programs.

Private Giving

Private gifts help the EFC at UNC engage students and highly respected scholars in research that improves knowledge in environmental finance topics. The EFC translates this knowledge into practical teaching, best practices, and hands-on advising for local and regional practitioners. This engagement with students and scholars provides highly valuable job training and experience that often leads to full-time placement in environmental, policy, consulting, and public administration roles. Over the years, the EFC has provided real project experience to over 130 students and staff.

To make a gift to fund the EFC, visit the UNC School of Government’s Make a Gift page and designate the Environmental Finance Center Fund (050533) in your gift. Thank you for supporting the Environmental Finance Center!


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