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“One Oar in the Water”

July 3, 2012

Daniel Kolomeets-Darovsky is an Environmental Finance Analyst with the Environmental Finance Center. stephen schiller / Free Photos   Defining a resilient business model for water utilities is no easy task in a time of unprecedented economic conditions, scare capital, and … Continued

Declining Water Consumption, Part Two: The Big Picture

May 25, 2012

Guest author Peiffer Brandt is Chief Operating Officer at Raftelis Financial Consultants. There is little doubt in the industry that per capita water consumption in the United States is declining. Many water utilities have faced financial challenges due to this … Continued


April 3, 2012

Welcome to the Environmental Finance Blog. The purpose of the blog is to support communities interested in sustainable and innovative financing mechanisms for delivering environmental services such as clean water and energy /waste management.   Bloggers include staff of the EFC, other … Continued