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Karina Samuel

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Karina Samuel is a sophomore majoring in Business Administration and Statistics and Analytics. On campus, she is the Chief Marketing Officer of Chapel Thrill Escapes, the Career Development Chair at the Sustainable Business Club, and … Read more

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Melanie Sanchez

Project Director

Melanie rejoined the EFC in February of 2023. She graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a B.S. in statistics & analytics and a minor in geology. She has a unique … Read more

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Phone number for Melanie Sanchez 910-599-3743

Henri Sanders

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Henri Sanders is an undergraduate student at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, majoring in Geography with a minor in Philosophy. At Chapel Hill, Henri works as an undergraduate research assistant with the EFC … Read more

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Image of Gabriela Santana

Gabriela Santana

Graduate Research Assistant

Gabriela Santana is an undergraduate Environmental Science student with a minor in Geography graduating in December 2021. She is hoping to pursue a Master’s in Information Science at UNC through the Dual-Degree Environmental Informatics program … Read more

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image of Austin Thompson

Austin Thompson-Spain

Associate Director

Austin Thompson-Spain joined the EFC at UNC in 2018 as a Project Director. In this role, she conducted applied research and provides technical assistance and training for environmental service providers. Austin holds a BS in … Read more

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Hope Thomson

Project Director

Hope Thomson joined the EFC as a project director in April 2022. She focuses on providing technical assistance to utilities, as well as researching barriers and solutions to increasing water service connections in underserved areas. … Read more

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Phone number for Hope Thomson 919-962-8273

Mary Tiger

Mary Tiger

Chief Operating Officer

Mary Tiger was the Chief Operating Officer at the EFC until August, 2015. Mary worked to make sure that the Environmental Finance Center was sustainably financed and managed, led strategic and operational initiatives and coordinated … Read more

Alessandra Caceres Torres

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Alessandra Caceres Torres is an undergraduate student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, double majoring in Political Science and Public Policy and minoring in Spanish for the Legal Professions. In the future, … Read more

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David Tucker

David Tucker

Project Director

David Tucker was a Project Director at the EFC until March 2017. He worked with local, regional, and state governments, not for profit organizations, and private companies on innovative environmental finance projects related to energy … Read more

Andrew Waters

Project Director

Andrew Waters comes to the Environmental Finance Center as a project director after working in the nonprofit land conservation field for fifteen years. An undergraduate at UNC Chapel Hill, Andrew received an MBA from UNC … Read more

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