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What does this tool do?

This tool allows you to see how much electricity your water system is currently using and track how much you save, or have already saved, with new energy efficiency projects. Input your monthly electricity bills and the tool will calculate various metrics, including monthly electricity use, average daily electricity use, electricity intensity, electric demand, and demand charge as a percent of the total electric bill. The tool also displays your data in a series of graphs.

The tool allows you to enter in another number not on your bill and plot it against your electricity use. This could be the number of customers, the amount of water sold, or any other measure you would like to compare against energy use. Enter electric bills from as far back as you please, and keep entering them as the months roll on.



  • Simple data entry
  • Flexible performance metrics
  • Graphs showing you a detailed breakdown of your bills
  • Guided navigation through hyperlinked images

Note: There is not an interactive, web-based dashboard for this tool.


How do I use this tool?


  • In the “Electricity Use” worksheet, type in the requisite information found on your electricity bill.
  • Find out where to locate the necessary data from your electricity bill statement by comparing it to those shown in the “Sample Bill” worksheet.


In the “Graphs” worksheet examine:

  • how electricity use has changed over time,
  • how the price of electricity has changed,
  • the financial breakdown of different components of your bill.


Who should use this tool?

Anyone can use this tool free of charge. It is designed to be used by utility professionals, governing body members, government staff, and technical assistance providers working with (small) water systems. However, anyone with an electric bill is able to use it just as well!


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Accessibility Statement

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill believes everyone in our community deserves equal access to information. Electricity Baseline Builder For Water Utilities is available to provide data to make decisions for public policy. We are committed to creating an inclusive digital experience. If you are unable to access this information, please contact the Environmental Finance Center for more options.


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