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This dashboard is designed to allow water and wastewater utilities assess their financial resilience to revenue losses during the COVID-19 pandemic or other periods of sudden revenue losses. Utilities input information about their unrestricted cash, which can be obtained from the latest audited financial statement, and anticipated percentage of revenue losses. The dashboard estimates how long the utility can supplement revenue losses with the unrestricted cash.

This dashboard is not a perfect assessment of the utility’s financial condition and should only be used as a guide. Unrestricted cash often has many uses for the utility, including paying for emergency expenses and thus will almost never be available exclusively to supplement revenue loss. Any numbers shown here should be considered an overestimate.

Note: There is not an Excel-based document associated with this tool.

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Accessibility Statement

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill believes everyone in our community deserves equal access to information. Financial Resilience Dashboard: A Glimpse Into The Effects Of COVID-19 For Water And Wastewater Utilities is available to provide data to make decisions for public policy. We are committed to creating an inclusive digital experience. If you are unable to access this information, please contact the Environmental Finance Center for more options.


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