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Use this tool to help set water and wastewater rates next year by projecting the utility’s expenses, revenues from rates, and fund balance for the next few years.

Uniform (“flat”) and block rate structures for up to 12 rate structures can be assessed. Data inputs are minimal, and the tool has been updated to offer several new features and improvements to make it easier to test scenarios and help determine whether the utility needs to adjust rates in order to achieve financial sufficiency. This tool is designed specifically for small water/wastewater systems and should be used annually. The tool is free to download and use.


How to use the tool

Follow the built-in instructions to input the utility’s current rates and rate structure details, proposed new rates and rate structures, number of accounts, growth rate, water consumption (by block), and basic utility expenses. The model will then project the expected net profit/loss each year for the next few years under current and proposed rates, as well as the end-of-year fund balance for the next several years. Input data in the dark green cells. Results are presented in easy-to-read graphs and tables showing annual revenues, expenses, and fund balance projections.


Video demonstration

On February 26, 2014, we presented a national webinar demonstrating how to use version 2.6 of this tool. Although the format and some of the inputs and outputs of the tool have changed since that version, the demonstration of the tool’s basic functions is still relevant. Watch the video for a visual demonstration of the basics of using the tool, if not the exact instructions.


What’s new in the January 2024 update?

  • Simplified user interface.
  • Autopopulates info for NC utilities.
  • Unlimited rate structures.

Contributors (Ahmed Rachid El-Khattabi and Eva Ramirez-Flores


What’s new in the May 2018 update?

  • New chart that shows revenues from both fixed and volumetric charges.
  • Corrected an error with rate calculations in future years for Rate Structure 8.

Contributors (Shadi Eskaf and Daniel Irvin)



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