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Hidden Residential Irrigation in NC

September 18, 2012

Mary Tiger is the Chief Operating Officer for the Environmental Finance Center at UNC. Over the past four years, the Environmental Finance Center (EFC) conducted in-depth analysis of residential customers of some of North Carolina’s largest water utilities, represented by … Read more

Who pays, and who benefits?

September 4, 2012

Glenn Barnes is a senior project director at the Environmental Finance Center at the University of North Carolina. Glenn is the project manager of the Sustainable Finance for Wetland Programs project funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. When working … Read more

The Success Story of One Water Utility’s Financial Policies

August 1, 2012

Guest author Peiffer Brandt is Chief Operating Officer at Raftelis Financial Consultants. “With our concerted conservation efforts, our focus on local water supply development, and the recession . . . we’re selling a lot less water than we originally anticipated,” said … Read more

Why Energy Efficiency Matters

July 12, 2012

  Michael Chasnow is a Finance Analyst with the Environmental Finance Center. At the EFC, we do a lot of work on energy efficiency and renewable energy (EERE) lending programs — from designing community energy finance programs to market assessments for … Read more

“One Oar in the Water”

July 3, 2012

Daniel Kolomeets-Darovsky is an Environmental Finance Analyst with the Environmental Finance Center. stephen schiller / Free Photos   Defining a resilient business model for water utilities is no easy task in a time of unprecedented economic conditions, scare capital, and … Read more