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What Local Elected Officials Should Know About Enterprise Funding

Public enterprises provide many essential services for citizens in communities all across North Carolina – from electric utilities to water/sewer services, to airports, and more. Operational funding for these essential services varies by type of enterprise. It is important for … Read more

WA Online Training | Setting the Right Rates for your System


For a recording of the event, click here.   This workshop will help you ensure the financial stability of your system while providing safe, quality service at fair rates. We will focus on understanding different types of costs for wastewater … Read more

Webinar | Regionalization and the Power of Partnership


The presentation slides can be found here.   Description: Running a small system can be challenging. Along with meeting regulatory obligations and satisfying customer expectations, you may have issues with aging infrastructure, lack of personnel, and limited financial resources. Furthermore, small … Read more

Webinar | Long-term Investment for Financial Resiliency


This webinar will introduce basic concepts for long-term financial resiliency and asset management. After a brief overview of financial analysis tools, this webinar will focus on long-term investment strategies and concepts including asset management, life-cycle costing, long-term asset planning, and … Read more