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How can Water and Wastewater Utilities Become Data-Driven Organizations?

September 9, 2021

  Data science is a rapidly growing field. A 2017 article by Amar Numanović describes how data science might be used in the public sector. This article recommends using data science for “transparent, accountable, and responsive government.”  Denver and Boston have developed dashboards showing … Continued

Hawai’i Water Rates Information

September 1, 2021

Water and wastewater rate setting is one of local government’s most important environmental and public health responsibilities. The EFC and the Hawai’i Department of Health Safe Drinking Water Branch conducted surveys of what water and wastewater utilities in the state … Continued

North Carolina Stormwater Resources

August 30, 2021

Reports North Carolina Stormwater Fees Report Pilot North Carolina Stormwater Needs Assessment Results of the 2021 North Carolina Local Government Stormwater Management Survey Dashboards 2021-2022 North Carolina Stormwater Fee Dashboard One-Page Guides and Other Resources Why Have a Stormwater Utility … Continued

Arkansas Water and Wastewater Rates Information

August 26, 2021

This information is subject to change and was last updated on August 26th, 2021. Dashboard View the interactive Arkansas Water and Wastewater Rates Dashboard. One-Page Guides and Other Resources Introducing the 2021 Arkansas Water and Wastewater Rates Dashboard (Blog Post) … Continued

Resources regarding Federal Funding for Coronavirus Relief

August 12, 2021

This page is a resource for utilities seeking to learn about and receive guidance regarding federal funding for coronavirus aid, including funds for bill payment assistance and infrastructure projects. It is not comprehensive and will be updated only occasionally, but many of the resources outside the EFC … Continued