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Low-Stress Solutions for High-Strength Wastewater

March 20, 2024

By Amanda Peele, Project Analyst, UNC Environmental Finance Center Where does water go when it spirals down the drain? Whether from a home, a local brewery, or the car wash down the street, it likely ends up in a public … Read more

Financial Health Checkup For Water Utilities

January 19, 2024

  Use this tool to assess the financial performance of your water (and/or wastewater) utility fund. Financial data readily available in annual financial statements are copied into this tool, which computes key financial indicators that measure a variety of important … Read more

Water And Wastewater Rates Analysis Model

January 19, 2024

Use this tool to help set water and wastewater rates next year by projecting the utility’s expenses, revenues from rates, and fund balance for the next few years. Uniform (“flat”) and block rate structures for up to 12 rate structures … Read more

Directed Grants for Public Utility Systems

December 14, 2023

By Alicia James, Project Manager, UNC Environmental Finance Center Public utilities systems provide communities with clean, safe drinking water and wastewater treatment. They improve the environment, health, and quality of life in communities where we live, work, and play. These … Read more

Fire Protection Fees: Too Hot to Handle?

May 23, 2023

  By Megan Doherty, Project Analyst at the UNC Environmental Finance Center Did you know that, for every US home, at least 60,000 gallons of water is stored in water mains?* If customers had to pay utilities for this stored … Read more

Viable Utility Tool

February 8, 2023

  EFC developed a tool for the Division of Water Infrastructure in support of the Viable Utility Program. The Viable Utility Program includes a master plan to help utilities throughout North Carolina become viable. This tool demonstrates which utilities were … Read more