EFC Project: Utility Financial Sustainability and Rates Dashboards

Utility Financial Sustainability and Rates Dashboards

These free, interactive Rates Dashboards are designed to assist utility managers and local officials to compare and analyze water and wastewater rates against multiple characteristics, including utility finances, system characteristics, customer base socioeconomic conditions, geography, and history.

The Financial Sustainability and Rates Dashboards are tools designed and produced by the Environmental Finance Center as part of projects to annually survey and analyze rates data from different states. Rates data are collected from nearly all local governments (and sometimes investor-owned) utilities in many of these states. Other products from the rates analyses include annual reports and tables of rates across the state, and copies of the hundreds of rate sheets analyzed. All of this information is provided free of charge on our website.

The rates surveys are conducted in partnership with various agencies in different states. 



Access the Dashboards

In addition, we have also created a dashboard for dozens of utilities throughout Canada.

Dashboards may also be accessed in the Tools box on the left.



Rates Dashboard Video Tutorial: on YouTube

In the following tutorial, we will walk you through using one of the Water and Wastewater Rates Dashboards. Although the tutorial uses the example of the North Carolina Rates Dashboard, as of 2010, all other dashboards and all later versions of the dashboards portray information in the same manner and are used in very similar ways. Even though each dashboard has its own unique features which are not covered in this tutorial, watching this tutorial should help you use all of the Rates Dashboards on this website. You may watch the videos consecutively for an overview of the entire tool, or select a particular aspect of the dashboard that you want to know more about. The videos are all uploaded on YouTube, with running transcripts (closed captioning) provided. Here is a transcript of all 9 videos (pdf).


1. Introducing all of the States' Rates Dashboards (3m, 11s)
2. Getting Started and the About tab (2m, 16s)
3. The Rates Comparison tab - Making Your Selections on the Left (5m, 36s)
4. The Rates Comparison tab - Understanding the Bill Comparison and Conservation Signal Gauges (7m, 17s)
5. The Rates Comparison tab - Understanding the Affordability and Cost Recovery Gauges(5m, 48s)
6. The Rates Comparison tab - Getting the Big Picture from all 4 Gauges (5m, 13s)
7. The Financial Benchmarks tab (7m, 42s)
8. The Characteristics tab (1m, 51s)
9. For More Information (1m, 25s)



View a Recorded Webinar in 2013 Demonstrating Several of the Dashboards: on YouTube




Project funded by: Alabama Department of Environmental Management, Canada's National Water and Wastewater Benchmarking Initiative, Draper Aden Associates, Environmental Protection Agency, Georgia Environmental Finance Authority, NC Department of Environmental Quality, NC League of Municipalities, Water Infrastructure Finance Authority of Arizona
Project last updated: Thu, 2017-03-16 15:53

For more information, please contact Annalee Harkins or Shadi Eskaf.